Just like you we too needed The Best Home Security Cameras. We dug in and tested a ton. Wi-Fi security cameras whether wired or wireless allow you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world. We’ve done hours of research and experimenting on indoor, outdoor, hardwired, wireless, and doorbell Wi-Fi cameras, looking for the best ones to fit a diversity of homes, budgets, and security requirements. If you want to be aware of what’s going on when you’re not at home, one of our camera recommendations will certainly fulfill your requirements.

Best Indoor Recommended Security Camera

Logitech Circle 2Logitech Circle 2 Camera

Lively, comprehensive images inside your home

The corded version of the Circle 2 camera combines the sharpest indoor images we’ve seen with a wide 180-degree field of view. It also comes with 24 hours of free cloud video storage, if you need more storage you can always purchase

This Best Indoor Camera is Fit For: People who are curious or cautions and wants to be aware about what’s going on inside, whether keeping an eye on kids and pets or on the watch for the otherwise faceless visitors.


Why Recommended: The corded version of the Logitech Circle 2 takes excellent interior video that has bold, true-to-life colors. It is one of the few cameras we that proved to be capable to record continuously without missing anything and then break the recording into easy-to-scan video clips. Each owner of Logitech camera can record 24hours long video to the cloud. If you want more, use Circle Safe, a paid service that offers face detection, up to 31 days of cloud storage, and motion zones, specific areas that you want to monitor.

Nothing is perfect: Unlike other cameras having sensitivity settings, the corded Circle 2 does not have any such settings. As an alternative, you can screen event notifications by high commotion, days, or person—but only with a paid Circle Safe subscription.

Subscription: optional (Still free 24-hour video storage)

Power: corded

Works with: Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit

The Best Home Security Cameras: Indoors

Best Outdoor Recommended Security Camera

Nest Cam OutdoorNest Security Camera Outdoors

Best Solution To Secure The Outside Of Your Home

This Best Outdoor Camera is Fit For: People who want to keep an eye on welcomed or unwelcomed guests on the front entrance, back area, garage, pool zone, driveway, or anyplace else outdoor.


Why Recommended: With the Nest Cam Outdoor, you get all day and night recording in 1080p HD Quality, rather than just clips of action. The camera is capable to send smartphone alerts and will keep a complete in-app timeline of the alerts. More significantly, the Nest Cam Outdoor is the only camera that’s totally waterproof, which comprises the power cord and adapter. That means it can endure the outside elements a lot longer than you can. In order to view your footage, you are going to need the paid Nest Aware subscription service.

Nothing is perfect and It’s Ok: Without the paid Nest Aware service, this outdoor camera is essentially limited to live viewing, so assume to pay at least of $5 per month on top of the procurement price. Also, if you don’t want to install additional wires or don’t have an outdoor outlet nearby, the installation will be limited.

Subscription: mandatory (no free video storage)

Power: corded

Compatible with: Nest, Alexa, Google Assistant

Recommended as The Best Home Security Cameras: Outdoors

Best Recommended Cordless Security Camera

Netgear Arlo Pro 2Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR Home Security Camera System

A Truly Wireless Outdoor Camera

This 1080p camera is truly a wireless camera; it uses a battery pack that guarantees up to six months of use between charges.

This Best Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Camera is Fit For: People who don’t have an outside outlet or want maximum flexibility when placing an outdoor camera; especially good for remote use.

Why Recommended: The Netgear Arlo Pro 2’s complete wireless design includes a rechargeable long-life battery and can be placed at a distance of up to 300 feet away from the Arlo Base Station. The system is equipped with a loud 100 dB siren and comes with seven days of free cloud storage (you can purchase more). If you prefer to store content nearby, just plug an peripheral drive into the USB port on the Base Station.

Nothing is perfect and It’s Ok: Since it’s battery-powered, it can’t record nonstop video. That means once a clip has been taken, there’s a reset period of a few seconds before it can record more.

Subscription: optional (free cloud video storage of 7 days)

Power: wireless, rechargeable battery

Works with: Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Stringify

Best Recommended Doorbell Camera

Skybell HD

Ding-Dong But With A Twist

This doorbell camera can record a few seconds of movie before the actual ring happens. It also has the best motion detection system and no service fee.

This Best Doorbell Camera is Fit For: People who are interested in screening visitors at the door, with or without ringing the doorbell. A good way to know about scouts. Video can be accessed whether you’re on the other side of the door or on the other side of the world.

Why Recommended: SkyBell HD has the best in class motion-detection sensor. It not only captures video of the people at the door but has a feature that can record a few seconds before the actual ringing of the bell, so you never have to think who it was. SkyBell also doesn’t charge you anything for video playback or recording to the cloud.

Nothing is perfect and It’s Ok: The doorbell needs about 30 seconds to reset, so if you are having a party guests may have to wait. Similarly, even though multiple users can access the same doorbell, only one user can answer the door at a time.

Subscription: none

Power: wired

Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Alarm.com, SmartThings, Nest

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So this our take on The Best Home Security Cameras. What do you think of our list? Did we cover them all or did we miss any? Do let us know in the comments. Which one of The Best Home Security Cameras do you use? Let us know.

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