You and I have been waiting for this day. Yes, the day Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was to unveil and put a pin to all the leaks and rumors on spreading over the internet. Until now, we had only been on leaks’ hope but not anymore since Samsung has confirmed all the details that had been leaked before the announcements.

Anyway, let’s have an overview of what Samsung announced this year alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

First off, the most awaited phablet, Galaxy Note 9 has been finally unveiled, confirming our guesses and rumors. The Galaxy Note 9 is pretty much similar to its predecessors, the previous Note ancestors. This time, the biggest ever a Note has been, it’s a 6.4-inch device. It will come with Android 8.1 and soon when Samsung delivers Android 9.0, by then users will have their hands on the Note 9. Samsung is so ready to move past the whole Note 7 incident in the past that this time Note 9 packed with a 4,000mAh battery inside. So far, like the biggest screen, it’s the largest battery inside a Note device yet.

Note 9 has got dual 12 megapixel rear cameras and a Snapdragon 845 processor. More storage, more ram, more price. The 999 dollars version comes with 128GB and 6GB RAM, the price point is comparable to the iPhone X.

Also, Note 9 will be the first Samsung phablet to come with an updated Bixby 2.0 that the company announced back in October 2017. If some of you do not yet, Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant.

Just like Google Assistant, Bixby will now have few new skills, such as the ability to search for nearby events, make restaurant reservations, or arrange an Uber ride. Anyhow, for users that are comfortable with the Google Assistant should be happy because Note 9 will also support Google Assistant.

Samsung is going to release the Note 9 on August 24th, with pre-orders starting on August 10th.

Samsung Note 9 Bluetooth Enabled S PenGalaxy S Pen:

Galaxy S pen, the stylus that comes with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is pretty much powerful this time. More than a pen it’s a tiny remote control in your hand.

The new stylus, S Pen, includes Bluetooth, which will allow it to perform numerous functions like doubling as a remote shutter for selfies and presentations. You can now take photos with the S Pen and be cool at your presentations. The S Pen has super capacitive charging, that means if you stick back into the Note 9, it will start to charge itself. Less than a one minute charge will last half hour.

Galaxy Watch:

Samsung has finally ditched the Gear branding and now call their smartwatches the “Galaxy Watch”. I think it is much better than the Gear label line because it personalizes perfectly with the Galaxy smartphone series. The Smartwatch comes in two different sizes 42mm and 46mm, three different colors, number of straps and 60 thousand watch faces. The watch will come with LTE connectivity, a high-res AMOLED touch display, Gorilla DX+ glass, military-grade durability and above all it will be water resistant for swimming, so you need not worry about your watch getting all soaked up. Samsung claims you’ll be able to use the watch for several days without having to recharge. Samsung announced their new wireless charging dock which can be used for charging Note 9 and the Galaxy watch together.

Besides all that, it includes fitness features you’d expect from a smartwatch, recognizes more exercises now, monitoring your heart rate and detecting your stress level, and tracking your sleep patterns.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Smart SpeakerGalaxy Home:

Like Google Home, Samsung announced their smart speaker with their virtual assistant. While Google’s smart speaker looks more like an air freshener, Samsung’s smart speakers look more like a cauldron to me.

Anyways, it is featured with their virtual assistant, the Bixby. To activate the virtual assistant, you’ll have to say “Hey Bixby” and Bixby will wake up.

Specs wise it has six built-in speakers, eight far-field microphones and a subwoofer. Besides its surround sound capability, Samsung did not much go into the details as in what the price would be, it probably will hit the market in November.

Spotify Integration:

Entering a long-term partnership, Samsung introduced their go-to music partner, Spotify! Samsung offers a more integrated version of Spotify Connect, synchronizing all Samsung devices from the newly announced smart speaker, Galaxy Home to TVs etc. Currently, Spotify is experiencing its baby steps on Samsung devices but soon with Samsung’s SmartThings app, Samsung and Spotify accounts will be linked for smart home integration.

For the first time, Spotify will become the default music service for Bixby. Now if you ask for a song, Bixby will automatically search on Spotify whether or not you have a Spotify account.

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